Selling your business can be stressful.


Will the next owner care about the business as much as you?

What will happen to your employees after the sale?

Will you end up looking greedy and selfish?

Make your last decision, your best decision.


Peace of mind knowing your employees are in good hands.

Freedom to begin planning your next adventure in life.

The satisfaction of knowing your legacy continues.

We’re small business owners too.







We’e purchased 5 companies over the last three years.


We’re still running all the companies we’ve purchased.


We rarely finance our transactions using debt.


Hardeman had the same values as me. I wanted my people taken care of.

-Terri Hornberger



How it works…




Schedule a call to start the conversation.

Agree to a fair value.

Execute a transition plan. 

How it works…


Selling your business can be almost as stressful as running your business. At Hardeman Company, we know the pressure and uncertainty that comes with implementing an exit strategy. Does the new owner care about the business as much as you? Will the employees be fired after the sale is complete? Will you end up looking greedy and selfish? Simply put, will your legacy be preserved after the sale?

It’s no wonder why so many business owners feel like the last decision they make for their company is also the most stressful decision.

There has got to be a better way.

We’re a private equity firm focused on helping small business owners preserve their legacy. Why is this our goal? You worked hard to be forgotten in a few short months after the sale. You deserve the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t just sell your company, you found the best next owner. 

At Hardeman Company, we’re small business owners too. We loving running small businesses as much as you do. For this reason, we buy companies to continue running them, not to flip them in two or three years.

Our approach to buying small businesses gives you the peace of mind you desire. You can rest well knowing you went out on top. You took care of your people. You made the right decision. 

You can rest well, knowing your last decision was also your best decision.

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