Hardeman – a person with a tough character. A person who would be strenuous and complete in their endeavors.

In 1870, Thomas Hardeman Simmons moved with his family from South Carolina to Texas. Thomas’ descendants were Simmons by name, but they were Hardeman by heart. With strong character and strenuous work ethic they built their own small businesses and made their own legacy in the state of Texas.


We want to be a part of the plan.


In 1992, Bart Simmons, a descendant of Thomas Hardeman, started his own small business, a natural gas marketing company called Tristar Producer Services. Through his own hard work and determination, Bart successfully led Tristar for over 25 years through multiple businesses cycles including the collapse of Enron in 2001 (Tristar’s largest customer at the time), the financial crisis of 2008, and the hydraulic fracking revolution of early 2010s.

After 25 years, Bart was ready to exit the business, but was not sure how. With his blood, sweat, and tears, Bart had built a company that he was proud of, and he had built it through meaningful relationships with employees and customers. He wanted to make sure his legacy was preserved, and those relationships were taken care of. Luckily for Bart, his two sons, Trent and Andrew, were ready to take over the business and carry it into the next generation. This experience was the genesis of Hardeman.

How many other small business owners have built great businesses through their character, their work ethic, and through strong relationships with employees and customers, and yet, they do not have a plan to gracefully exit their business?

We want to be a part of that plan.

At Hardeman, we seek to purchase businesses that we can own and operate ourselves for the long haul. We want businesses that are built the way we are built. We want business that have been run for the previous 25 years, the way that we plan to run them for the next 25 years. We are targeting HARDEMAN built businesses.

1. Small businesses built through character, work ethic, and relationships

2. Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service-related industries

3. Business owners that want to see their legacy preserved and their employees and customers taken care of.


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