Hardeman – a person with a tough character. A person who would be strenuous and complete in their endeavors.

In 1870, Thomas Hardeman Simmons moved with his family from South Carolina to Texas. Thomas’ descendants were Simmons by name, but they were Hardeman by heart. With strong character and strenuous work ethic they built their own small businesses and made their own legacy in the state of Texas.

One hundred and twenty years later, Bart Simmons, a direct descendant of Thomas Hardeman created Tristar Producer Services (Tristar) and Simray Energy Company. These two companies are still active in the oil and gas industry today. Tristar provides comprehensive wellhead services to independent producers. Simray remains on the production side of the business.

During the past 30 years, the Simmons family created and sold Tristar Compression Company, Midstates Energy Company, and Texas Power Company.

Under the leadership of Bart’s sons, the Simmons family expanded beyond oil and gas. The family has created, purchased, and funded the companies and assets listed in the menu. Hardeman’s executive leadership team is experienced in asset transfers and sales. The sale and/or generational transfer of assets is a very personal, emotional, and private affair for business owners. These transactions are projected to exceed several trillion dollars in the next 10 years.

Hardeman is interested in the purchase of legacy businesses. Hardeman can also facilitate the transfer, partial transfer, and or sale of the business to other entities in an advisory or fiduciary capacity.

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